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Elle also made it tough for Amber to get away at all once down and had a way of using submissions to get Amber to tap fast.
The punishment varied, some days it was a spanking, others it was Amber having to eat Elle out until Elle was satisfied, some days it was Elle taking a dildo and mercilessly smashing it into Amber and others it was Amber having to take a full nap and have sex with a sweaty Elle that smelled of musk.

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A theme the punishments had in common was that Elle always resorted to insults and broke Amber down both mentally and physically, making her feel overpowered. 3ds sex chat no signup.
The intense vibe Elle gave off scared Amber.
Yeah, should have fucking stuck to taking it up the damn ass instead of this shit.

Now look where you are, dealing with the devil huh, said Elle, one session while taking a nude nap with Amber who had been defeated soundly.
A lot of the beatdowns and being overpowered led to Amber looking out for herself more, which made her take some major life changes.

Having had enough of the dominance, Amber spent more time in the gym and Xhazzard adult cam chat. started to eat right, putting on more muscle in a period of a couple months and getting visible shredded abs.
One meeting, Elle noticed and had to comment on them.
Nice, abs huh.

Think that is going to save you, said Elle, slapping Amber on the waist while laughing.
Ouch, said Amber, getting a ferocious look in her eyes.
Yeah what are you gonna do about it?

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