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Damn, she snorted.
I lasted about five minutes, biting my lip for the last four.

Julie was so good at this, though, and I let out a loud moan when I finally broke. Getting her into anal sex.
Julie went behind Mum, who had the last turn.
Melissa said, Wow, she’s dripping again.

It’s running down her thighs.
May I pick it up with my finger and lick? Of course, Melissa, I said.

Melissa reached out and slid one finger up from the bottom of a drip and scooped it onto her finger.

She licked it off and said, Oh yum, she’s delicious! Molly jumped up, saying, I want the other side.
She got Julie’s juice onto her finger and licked it off.
Mmmmm, you’re right.
Mum was trying hard to resist a moan, but Julie’s fingers on her nipples were driving her wild.

When she couldn’t last, she yelled, Ohhhhhhhhhhh.
Fuck, your fingers are magic, Julie.
Julie smiled, knowing that she had made all of us moan with just her fingers on our nipples.

You may lie down and rest for now, Julie.
Thank you, Mum said.
Julie grinned and went to her mat and curled up. Sixty.
I thought I heard a soft purr from her.
Fran, turn off her vibrator to let her rest.
After several minutes, we had all finished the main course, so Ellen and I cleared the table.

When we came back out, Mum said, Everyone has cum except for Ellen, so it’s her turn, then I have another game.
Judy said, I can’t wait to see what the next game is.
ELLEN’S TURN Mum said, Ellen, why don’t you sit on the sofa in the lounge room?

Julie, you can please her now.
Julie got up and followed Ellen.
Julie held up her paw.
Yes, Julie? Ellen asked.
Would you like anything special, Ellen? Um, Bigboobsmilk erotic webcam chat. no, Julie, your standard service will be lovely.
Julie smiled and leaned forward to lick Ellen’s breasts and suck her nipples.

We had all come into the room and were enjoying the sight.
I turned Julie’s vibration to maximum intensity, but at infrequent, random intervals.
Ellen was enjoying the licking, then said, Okay, Julie, lick inside my pussy.
Julie did so as Ellen opened her legs wide.

Mmmm, so good.
Most of us were touching ourselves again.
Ellen then said, Lick my clit, and stuff my pussy with three fingers.

Julie followed orders, and Ellen shouted, Ohhh yessss.
Julie’s body shuddered as a burst from her vibrator hit both pussy and clit at the same time.
Ellen commanded, Fuck me, Julie, and lick my clit hard.
I need to cum.

Julie complied, and thrust her three fingers in and out of Ellen’s dripping pussy as her tongue thrashed her clit.
In a few seconds, Ellen screamed, Ohhh, I’m cummmming!

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Stepmom stepson have sex.