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Step by step guide to having sex.

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My body was quite feminine for not starting out as a female.
My arms took on a more feminine shape as well as my legs.
My thighs had become fleshier.

My hips had become wider through a process called skeletal augmentation.
My penis stuck out stiff and long.
I pulled it up and turned my body.

I saw for the first time the dark fleshy lips of my pussy.
I watched my hands caress my body.

It was like watching someone else make love to myself.

I watched myself caress my own body.
The idea of exploring my new body sent shivers through my entire body.
I was as horny as hell.

I wanted to fuck myself so hard.
My breathing became heavy and my nipples became erect.
If it were not for Dr.
Simons standing there, I would have rubbed one out.

You can experience the pleasures of both sexes.
You can experience the orgasms of a woman and ejaculate like a man.
We confirmed the hormone levels are in check after you had your first period. Handjob latina mature.
Wait a minute Doc, I had a period? I mean a real bloody period?

Can I Free coraopolis adult chat. get pregnant? I asked nervously.
Yes, you have had a period about two weeks ago.

You can’t get pregnant nor can you impregnate other woman.
Your new hyper immune system acts like a spermicide and prevents any chance of procreation.
You will menstruate regularly and if you stimulate your breasts often enough you can induce lactation, he explained in depth.

Simons asked if I would allow him to do one more gynaecological exam before I left.
I consented and was assisted by a nurse and placed in an exam chair.
My legs were placed in the stirrups and spread far apart and bent nearly to my chest.

I felt vulnerable yet horny.
I could feel the cold instrument penetrate my vagina spread my hole wide.
I was quite aroused at this point and pre come was oozing from my penis.
I could feel Dr.
Simons breath blow against my labia.

I jumped when the swab touched me deep inside.
The tip of the swab penetrated my cervix and caused it to palpitate.
My nipples tightened and my penis jolted.

I wanted to cum so bad.
Over a few days, I was taught some feminine hygiene and Sex_tits nude canada pornstars sex. did some classes about menstrual cycles.
I was ready to be released.
The nurses gave me a set of clothes that fit nicely.

I did have a problem with my nipples.

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Step by step guide to having sex.