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It’s like totally convincing.
Reece grinned.
Yeah – even had me fooled.
Tomo said, How d’ya do it, then?

Stick you guys’ heads on a gay porno or something? Flanners laughed over from the next table.
Oh yeah, I saw someone do that with ‘Silence of the Lambs’ during the World Cup.
Stuck Louis Suarez’ head on Hannibal Lecter’s body!

The other guys watched the film again, pointing out the bits where they thought our heads didn’t quite match up with the bodies and Tomo laughed that there was no way Reece’s cock was as big as the guy in the movie.
While they were pausing it over and over, trying to spot a glitch, Callum – who’s usually the quiet one of our group – leaned over to me and said, That’s some pretty impressive editing, Jordan.

What did you use, Photoshop? I agreed without thinking but then wished I hadn’t.
Something about the way he stared at me told me he knew you couldn’t use Photoshop on videos.

Later on, as the phone was being passed about and the video shared between guys we didn’t even know, Callum muttered to me and Reece: You guys really need to make another movie like that, but next time you should take it a step further. Free non java chat.
Do some stuff that’s even more hardcore and really get everyone talking.

How do you get more hardcore than pretending like he was bodging my arse? I chuckled.
Maybe do a gay threesome, he smirked.
I could help you guys out, if you want to give it a go.

Reece nodded wide-eyed and you could tell he was well up for it.
Callum went on, more quietly, We could film us pretending like we were shagging, three fellas in a row.
Or you two could be going at it, the same cock and bum stuff, and I could be out front pretending to suck the front one off.

Or even behind licking the back one’s arse.
You reckon you could edit all that into a movie? Using.
what was it again?

? I smiled at him, admiring his style.
I reckon I could, yeah.
He grinned more broadly at us both.
Should we do it tomorrow, maybe? Just, you know, the three of us having a laugh.

? Reece and I nodded back at him like kids being offered sweets.
Fuck yeah! we said Part 1 We have been driving for hours.
Having left just after work we hit the bumpy dirt Xxx playstation games. road just after 7pm.

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You look over to me in anticipation as my foot lifts from the pedal and we settle into a smooth drive.
Weeks we have waited for this opportunity to get away from everyone and spend a long weekend together.
The drive has been relatively uneventful.

Hours of small talk have passed and apart from my hand on your leg, nothing else has had you all excited.

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