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Christine was the consummate professional.
If a john wanted to sit and hold hands or just talk or go to a movie or play Spades, she would be paid the same.
Karl knew he had plenty of time to plumb Alec’s depths.
Why the fuck not?

Christine announced.
She was practical.
Her realistic, girlish side loved games.
She had no doubt she could compete.
If she caught herself being too good, she could throttle back.
Brits got the first online question.

What do Americans call the boot of a car?

Alec was too fast for Ian.
She added, I am an executive secretary for a car manufacturer’s museum in London.
We must know all the automotive terms.
First aside came right away.
Karl asked which company and she replied MG, Morris Garage.

Karl asked Alec about MGTD’s, MGA’s, MGB’s.
He owned a vintage MGB.
They chatted until Christine, in exasperation to continue the game, called, Time.

The three others realized Christine was not to be taken lightly: she was bold, assertive, fair-minded.
Next question to the Americans: Cambridge Five, good or bad for the West? No response. Peta jensen bad daddy.
Ian clucked, Hah.

I guess you’d have to be in counter-intelligence like I am to get that one! He knew it was a Soviet spy group.
He also knew he had blown his cover.

The round ended with Christine or Karl’s True False.
There are no bins for travelers at King’s Cross.
Christine called False.
The girls lost.
Christine had to undress Ian down to his Tired of online dating. underwear.
Alec had to undress Karl the same way.

Karl’s The Botanist Gin was almost gone.
There was still some vermouth.
Ian ordered another bottle of gin and Karl made a mental note to sip, not gulp.

Christine had one drink.
Alec sipped as well.
Ian consumed the most.
Christine and Alec were dressed, so they went down the hall to get more ice.
They had a chance to talk.

Alec was impressed with her husband’s lover’s intellect.
Given the economic slowdown, Christine told her she had no choice but to do whatever it took to pay the bills.
Christine liked sex and thought Ian cute.
She looked forward to a session with someone of that size.

The ordered liquor arrived.
Ian went to open the door, forgetting the state of his undress.
The girls giggled uncontrollably at the sight, then shooed the men into the bedroom.

Alec greeted the bellhop as Karl and Ian disappeared into the bedroom.
The Americans lost the next round because neither could define naff.
Karl had to kiss Alec for a full fifteen minutes everywhere she directed.

Ian got the pleasure of Yakko wakko and dot porn. Christine’s ministrations for the same amount of time.

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