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How do you fancy going back to my place a little early? Natalie leant in and with her warm breath shewhispered, This place is dark, but it doesnt have any corners The pulse between Mias legs answered the question for her.
Your flat is gorgeous Nat, is it just you here?

Yea just me, just how I like it.
When Mia looked up from her phone Wer cam sex arab 2013. she found Natalie slinking her way towards her across the soft carpet.

She bent down to reach into the cupboard giving Mia a flash of her smooth, bare bum and at the top of the short figure hugging black number Mia could clearly make out the triangle of a lacy thong.
The pulse ran through her body and her mouth went dry.

Mia rested down on the rug in front of the fireplace and felt the fur tickle the inside of her thighs.
Handing her a glass, Natalie took her place beside her.

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Sorry this looked too comfortable to ignore but we can sit on the sofa if you dont want to risk me spilling this drink all over your lovely rug! Dont worry about it babes.
I often sit down here as I love the feel of it on my legs, can you feel it too?

With that Natalie reached out a slender finger and drew it along the inside of Mias warm thigh.
To have a soft finger against her thigh instead of Matts masculine hand gave Mia a tingling sensation like never before, but it certainly turned her on.

Reminds me of old times Mia, although your breasts are bigger! Can I? Natalies small hand cupped over the shadow of her firm breast and Mia could feel her nipples hardened beneath.
Sorry She removed her hand, seeing Mia blush.

Mia had never had anyone other than Matt touch her but it didnt I love asian girls t shirt. make her as nervous as she expected.
Mia drained her glass and knelt forward, her breasts fighting gravity, in full view of Natalies sexy wide eyes.

The bubbles from the spritzer tickled down her throat as she placed her lips to Natalies.
Inside she was shocked but Natalie responded until Mia had forced her down onto her back, pressing her pussy up against hers hoping she could feel the pounding.

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