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He wanted to fill her with floods of semen in every orifice.
He imagined what oral sex both given and received would be like, and the anal sex – so forbidden and therefore so sensual.
That recollection and the images he could see and almost feel brought him another full erection.

He reached down, but stopped himself.
Enough! he said emphatically.
Think, Ted, think.
But all he could do was Scorpio star sign compatibility chart for dating. stare at the Sexy nude taylor white. phone number on her file in front of him as he unconsciously cupped his hand around his penis and balls.
Rebecca was right again.

He would never get another chance like this.
She told him the thought of fucking him made her wet.
Christ, the things she does to me!

His cock was hard again and as he squeezed it, fluid continued to ooze from its tip.
Hed hoped that jacking off would clear his mind, but now he just wanted to start all over again.
He was just beginning to yank slowly when the phone rang. Erotic lactation of sisters.
Ted almost ignored it until he saw the caller ID.

The name Rebecca Weiss stood out in dark letters on the green background and he was reaching for the phone before he could even begin to stop himself.
He barely had time to clear his throat and settle his voice before he spoke into the receiver.

Hello, Rebecca, he said in his best attempt at an even tone.
What can I do for you? He cursed himself silently as he realized that his usual greeting to callers was not exactly the right thing to say now.
Hello, Ted.

Have you been thinking about me and what we could do together? I know you have.
I thought I should give you a sample of what it will be like if you came to me, just to help you decide, of course.
Becca, pleaseā€¦ Ted implored, but she was not deterred.

Im home now, and Ive stripped down to my panties.
Do you remember what it was like when I touched you? Think about what you saw when I opened my shirt for you.

Rebeccas voice sounded huskier and more sultry now than it had earlier.
She was so brazen that his cock pulsed at the sound of her voice.
Ted tried to speak, but his words turned to a garbled gasp.

He knew he should tell her this was wrong and cut the call off, but he couldnt force himself to do it.
In a fit of despair, he surrendered to the compulsion that was overtaking his reason.

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