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Prudence had to admit that there was a certain logic to this.
The girl’s words became her constant companion, and then one day when they were having coffee together, Amy leaned across the table.

It was a nice café, the kind where elderly people enjoy their retirement routine, and where Amy stuck out like a sore thumb.
Not that the girl seemed to mind.
Perhaps it was the polite respectability of the surroundings that made her offer gain an air of subversion.

This was Ruth Phelps’ kind of place, after all.
I’ve talked to those people I know, Amy said in a low voice.
I told them I knew somebody who might like to come Mack memorial funeral home secaucus nj. along.

Still not minded to accept the offer, Prudence said, And what did they say?

Amy teased a rigor-mortis coloured lip with her tongue.
Well, they’re always happy to meet new people, she said.
Yes, I can imagine, Prudence said.
What we agreed was that I could bring someone along, if that person was willing to go along with anything that happened to her.

Prudence stared at Amy, unable to believe what the girl was implying. Live adult chats.
As in ‘anything goes’, she said, trying to make light of the idea.
Yeah, Amy said.

Though I did stipulate no bondage or spanking or shit.
This implied that bondage and spanking and shit did indeed take place at the… place.
That’s very kind of you, Prudence said.

She was inclined to decline, but something in her forced her to hold her Brunette busty chick. tongue.
She’d watched enough videos to know that even without ‘bondage or spanking or shit’, what Amy was suggesting was something that could get pretty extreme, much rougher than anything Prudence had ever imagined until quite recently.

It was something that required serious thought, but by now Prudence had thought so much already that there didn’t seem too much to think about.
There was always a very real danger that she’d hate it if she went through with it, but if she didn’t she might very well spend the rest of her life wondering what it would have been like.

Not wanting to appear overly keen, she gave it a week, then let Amy know, albeit with a certain amount of circumlocution, that she was interested in going along one night.
A week on Friday? Amy suggested.
Why not? Prudence said.

Great! Amy exclaimed, before adding, Sometimes it’s nice to escape the intolerable burden of being a subject.
Then she winked at Prudence, who had a thousand questions for Amy, none of which she felt able to ask.
She did, however, ask what Amy thought she should wear.

Wear whatever makes you feel sexy, Amy said.
But not something you’re attached to.

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Smoking hot women of my dreams.