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Since we weren’t in each other’s presence, in my heart I knew he couldn’t possibly know whether I was obeying him or not.
I always did, but just the knowledge that I wouldn’t be held accountable for disobeying him unsettled me.
Patrick smiles.

What a good submissive you were for him.
He pulls me in to his arms and gives me a huge bear hug.
I’m instantly comforted and over the awkwardness that was creeping in.
He’s good at that.
Okay, he goes on, I think that’s enough talk for now.
Let’s go enjoy the night!

It’s beginning to get a little dark outside, so Patrick takes a quick shower, changing in to some dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt.
While he was in the shower I had a chance to call Addie and see how her weekend is going.

We make a plan to cook some dinner together on Sunday evening when she gets home.
I tell her I’m Free clips thug gay sex videos. with a friend in the gorge, but don’t go in to any details.
While she is all for me dating, I don’t want her to know about Patrick quite yet.

Grabbing his blanket and a smaller pack with his cleaned camping dishes, we walk in to town and buy some dinner at a local market. Alex coal femdom.
He’s had a silly grin on his face since leaving the cabin.
What’s up?

I ask.
Just a little surprise…I hope you like it.
We go in to what looks like a little country market from the outside, but they have a wide selection of prepared foods that look gourmet and delicious.

We pick out some salads and sandwiches, along with a couple of bottles of locally brewed beer.
We continue to walk through, and past the town until we reach the elementary school.
In the field is setup an enormous white screen and I realize we’re here for an outdoor movie!

In front of the screen some high school aged kids are doing their best to play some covers of Tom Petty until the movie starts.
Very cool! I exclaim.

What are we seeing? Patrick looks as enthusiastic as I feel.
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! he pronounces excitedly.
I’ve never seen this side of him.
I like it.
The original of course… In all due respect to Johnny Depp, no one can compare to Gene Wilder.

I totally agree! Not to mention the girl who plays Veruca Salt….
We settle on the blanket and eat as the sky darkens and the movie starts.

I put my hoodie on as it starts to get cool outside, and as the movie begins Patrick gets behind me and draws me back towards him.
I bring my knees towards my belly and Sexxygirll watch live gay sex. turn on my side a little, allowing me to rest my body against him, my head on his chest.
His long limbs are braced up with his knees bent, feet on the blanket.

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Single in the city speed dating toronto.