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On the counter were the razor and shaving cream.
With the agony my pussy was already in, this was going to be difficult.
When he shaves my pussy I always struggle to keep from cumming.
All the playing with my pussy gets me worked up.

He slathered my throbbing lips with shaving cream, meticulously using the razor to clean every hair from my pussy and ass.
By the time he was done, my entire body throbbed with desire and anticipation.
He gave my clit one slow lick before I got down.

I couldnt wait to get to wherever we were Mapleton wives kcmo needing fucked. going, but I knew he would be slow, making me wait.

We returned to the bedroom for me to get dressed.
I never know what the outfit is going to be.

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It can be anything from barely there to school marm, covered to my ankles with my hair pulled into a tight bun.
Each part of the unknown fuels my excitement.
I already had a clue since he told me I was going to be a slut tonight.

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This probably meant barely there, or leather, or something along those lines.
These were actually my favorite outfits, but I didnt tell him that.
I saw his cock harden whenever he dressed me in one of these outfits.

Tonight was no exception.
When he opened the box and revealed the outfit, he pulled my hand to his cock, which had hardened again.
Another thing I never know during our adventures is if he will be part of them.
Sometimes he does nothing but watch.

Other times he is actively fucking me.
I hoped tonight it would be the latter since his cock was hardening quickly.
Nights like this usually meant Id be in for a good, hard cock pounding.

The first item he pulled out was a lace garter belt.
He held it out for me to step into.
As he slid it up and over my hips, I quivered.
His hands were hot on my skin.
Next came the stockings that were attached to the garters.

He ever so slowly slid them up my legs, his palms firm on my legs so I could feel the heat of his hands.
His fingers grazed near my clit, but never touched it.
I wanted to feel his fingers so badly.
Tonight there were no panties.
My pussy juice would be dripping down my legs.

Next he pulled out a black mini skirt.
As with the garter belt, I stepped into it with his hands running up my legs.
It fell just a couple of inches below my ass.

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