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I told her how much I had enjoyed our first evening together, and that launched a discussion of the prior evenings events.
Wheres my list? she asked.
Even without seeing the list, we both knew that we had made a big dent in Gails weekend wish list.

We talked for a while, and of course, being a guy and reliving our sexual activities the night before, I was soon aroused.
Mmmmm, she said.
I see youre getting interested again in the weekends topic.
Cant you control that thing? she joked.

It poked me in the back all night.

Gail took hold of my shaft, massaging it as it grew in length and girth.
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She had surprised me.

Her favorite thing from the night before was not the anal sex we had worked so long at accomplishing.
Nor was it that mind blowing orgasm she had during the anal sex.
No, her favorite thing from the Huge cock head. previous evening was being teased.

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Maybe it was the novelty of our weekend.
Or maybe Gail was already hot and horny when we arrived at the hotel room.
Whatever the reason, she said that she loved being teased and was interested in exploring that subject again as the weekend progressed.

Its a new day, she said as she held onto my cock.
What have you got planned? Coffee, I said, just as there was a knock on the door.
I put my robe on and answered the door.
Gail buried herself under the bed covers.
A waiter rolled a cart into the room with the coffee and a newspaper.

If he noticed Gails black thong on the floor, her bra hanging on the desk chair, her vibrator on the coffee table or the two big feathers on the bureau, he didnt let on.
I signed for the coffee, found my pants and some money and gave the guy a good tip.

Gail emerged from the covers and put on her robe.
After fixing her hair, she joined me for breakfast.
We sipped coffee, ate a sticky bun or two, and read sections of the newspaper.
The hotel lunch started at 11:30 a.

I told Gail that I was going to shave and suggested that she look over her list and pick some activities for the afternoon.
When we had dressed, we could look over the hotel facilities and then have lunch.

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