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My legs and back felt my age, but my dick tingled often during much of the day.
Fifteen minutes later, I was more awake than I had been.
I couldnt tell if Ashley had fallen asleep.
I could see her shape under the sheet, now that my eyes had adjusted, and thought about her smooth skin.

It occurred to me that even in total darkness, I could easily Free sex chat rooms like chatroulette. tell my little girl from a woman ten years older, and not just by the feel of her skin.
The juicy taste and peach scent of her pussy would give her away.
My cock was tingling again.

Even when I was married, if I couldnt sleep, I masturbated.

Feeling around in the dark, I quietly slid open the little nightstand on my Fuck chat online without register. side and found the Vaseline.

When Id unpacked, actually all the way back when Id planned the trip, Id thought about masturbating when Ashley was asleep, watching her while I did it, if you must know.
But we had actual sex.
Amazing sex.

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With my dick still recovering, I didnt want to abuse it without benefit of some lubrication.
I dipped my fingers into the jar and rubbed my hardening cock under the covers.
Outside, a short string of firecrackers went off.
Ashley didnt move.

Ashleys mom, my ex.
Why would Ann have said anything about my dick to our daughter? Some kind of weird sex ed? Ann had certainly known her share of cocks.
In the dark, I stroked my cock smiled.

For a few years, back when we had just gotten together and before Ashley, Ann and I had done threesomes about once a month.
More often than not, the third person was a guy – not my preference, but I liked to watch other guys fuck Ann silly after I had come in her first.

I think she would have done more than just two of us, but knew not to push me.
Quite honestly, I enjoyed being watched, even by another guy stroking himself or getting his cock sucked by Ann, although it was better when it was a woman in the room.

I remembered one escort, maybe a year older than Ashley is now, I remembered watching her French kissing Ann – I didnt think escorts did that.
I forgot her name, but not her red hair and tight ass
Ashley sat up.
Daddy, are you jerking off over there? Oh, snap.

Sorry, honey, I, um, I will just be another minute.
Ashley laughed out loud and turned on the light by her bed.

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