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Now Jack was the kind of man that she wanted but they seldomly looked twice at her.
Looking up to Jack, opting to slowly stroke his now stiff cock, she looked into his eyes as they betrayed his sense of bewilderment.
Mmm, Jack, this must be for me then? whispered Adelina seductively.

Jack, still taken aback, nodded meekly and smiled nervously.
Smooth too, you do this for your girlfriend? asked Adelina with an air of curiosity.
Jack nodded again.

She looked into his eyes again as she fed his hard cock back into her mouth, her hand cupping and gently massaging his balls. Xhamster pantyhose crazy bitches.
Jack let out another breathless gasp; he thought that for a neglected wife she had certainly mastered how to suck a mans cock.

His cock was fully erect and as his balls tightened, Adelina eased her mouth from his cock again.
As she thought her work was done in arousing him and she did not want to jeopardise the return on her investment so far.

Standing in front of Jack, she placed her hands on Jacks shoulders and brushed the robe off them letting it fall in a crumpled heap on the floor.
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stated Adelina coolly.
responded Jack.

Adelina did not reply, instead, she pushed on Jacks chest moving him backwards towards the freshly made bed.
Feeling the backs of his legs hit the base; Jack sat down as she let out another weak smile.
Now, lets see what you think of me, whispered Adelina haughtily.

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