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My hands grab a hold of his thick forearms and hold him.
I move my own body to his, finding our perfect harmony.
We’ve created our own dance of love.
Now we’re making our own music and dancing our own dance.

Charlie, I cry his name in a lustful call, wrapping a hand around him, to bring him into a kiss.
I can feel my emotions boil up, the urge to cry is on the brink, the telltale signs are all there, but the tears don’t spill.
The tension builds higher.
I know I’m near my orgasm.

Charlie moves his mouth down, captures one of my nipples, and suckles on it, as he drives Mygaydatingsites com. into me with long, deep strokes.
He isn’t moving fast, but with need.
I lift one of my legs up and over his shoulder, resting it there, he is able to sink into me deeper and I moan out in licentiousness.

Bubbling over like hot molten lava, I begin to orgasm.
I can feel tiny prickles over my flesh, the lightheaded feeling washes over my entire body. Gay and lesbian newsletters.
I gasp and cry out, erupting around Charlie’s cock.
He drives into me with the same pace, but the strokes are deeper.

He pushes his whole weight down into me as he thrusts forward, until he pulls almost to the tip out and back in.
Our eyes lock on one another’s and I can see our entire future together.
Charlie joins me, coming inside my tight channel as I near my own eruption.

I tremble and cling to him, as if this isn’t real.
If I let go of him, I’ll somehow wake up from the perfect dream.
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He holds me close, even after he slides out and pulls me onto his chest.
I fit into his embrace, as if I were built only for his form.

I nuzzle into him, kissing his chest and caress his stomach.
It seems a losing battle with you calling me Charlie, I see, he smiles at me, before kissing my lips gently.
You’re absolutely right, I giggle, pulling from his lips and looking into his eyes.

I think Charlie suits you better.
Are you telling me no one has called you by that name? Just my father.
He used to call me Charlie-boy.
My mother couldn’t stand it, he chuckles.

You can call me Charlie, my precious.
With him embracing me, the way he has and allowing me to be so personal with him, I know that Charlie feels the same for me, as I do for him.
I know things could have gone wrong, I’m so lucky and count my blessings for Charlie finding me.

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