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He soon went back to his seat saying, I know, I know.
You just grew up so fast.
I mumbled to myself, Maybe because you’ve been wasting your time paying attention to an ignorant, selfish bitch instead of your own daughter.
What was that? It was nothing.

Don’t worry about it.
Oh, alright.
I got up, walked back over to the stove and I slid off my pajama pants.

I threw them off into the living room and my father caught it in the corner of his eye.

Were those your pants, Alexandria? I was pretending not to hear him over the loud noises of the eggs and bacon crackling over the hot stove.

I then walked over with his plate of bacon and eggs.
I used one hand to take off my t-shirt.
When I got to the table, I bent over and placed the plate right in front of him.
He put his newspaper down to the side and looked down at his steaming hot plate.

Wow, this looks spectacular, dear, he said.
He then looked up to me, but stopped at my chest.
He stared at my D-cups.
Alex? Yes, Daddy? What are you doing? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

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Alexandria, he said in soft, yet demanding tone.
He then looked into my eyes.
I looked down into his and made my eyes look lost and confused (thanks, YouTube and WikiHow tutorials).
I really don’t!

Mmhmm, Best blowjob ever ebony. he said.
He soon looked away and started eating his breakfast.
I got up, straightening my back and started to walk away.
He watched as my hips swayed from side to side as I was walking.

I looked back and noticed that his eyes were on my butt.
He looked back down at his breakfast and took a sip of his coffee, acting casual, and I just ignored it, continuing to walk to my bedroom.
As I approached my bedroom, I looked back to make sure he wasn’t watching me.
He wasn’t.

I ran into my bedroom and I flopped onto my bed.
I kept going on and on to myself about the fact that he noticed me.
I wondered if he liked what he saw.
Who am I kidding? I’m a fucking sexy beast! I started giggling about and rolling over on my bed.

About an hour later, I heard my dad’s footsteps.
He was either coming to my bedroom; or he was coming to my bedroom! I quickly took off my bra and lingered it across my lips.
My dad came in and I started to pretend that I was masturbating.
I was licking and biting my nipples and he gasped.

I looked up and said, Hi, Daddy.
Alexandria! I’m– I’m so sorry.

He quickly left my room and slammed the door shut.
I heard him fall on the door, sliding down against Pornorama live chat webcam gratuit france. it to the floor, hitting his butt on the wood floors.
He banged his head on the door repeatedly and was breathing heavily.

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