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Oh, I love your rock hard cock in my hand, it feels so good.
I wish I could fuck you right here so bad.
Id love to lay you down, climb on top of you and slide your cock in me.
Id pull my swimsuit down so you could play with my breasts.

Id ride you so good until you exploded inside me.
Mmmmmm yes, Deborah kept whispering in my ear.
I told Deborah how incredible this was, and how much she turned me on.

I loved the way her hand expertly played with my hard cock, going from soft and playful to stroking fast and hard, then back to soft and playful.

I told her, Deborah you are driving me so crazy, Im going to No joining free porn chats. cum any minute now if you dont stop.

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She giggled a little in my ear and said, Good thats what I want.
I want to finally make you cum for me.
She kept stroking and playing.
Then the moment I never expected happened.

Deborah pulled away from my ear and held her hand in place on my cock, and quickly looked all around.
Then Deborah gave me a deep kiss on my lips, looked into my eyes with the biggest, most devilish smile Id ever Sexy dress sloppy sex naked girls 18 2018. seen.
Dont close your eyes, let me know if you see anyone at all.

And dont stop until you give me what Ive been wanting for so long, she whispered in such a sultry voice.
I should have known what was happening, but all of this had already been so surprising, what she did next shocked me too.
Deborah slid down from me, put her head in my lap, and pushed up the leg of my bathing suit and pulled my cock out, never letting go of it.

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