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he whispered.
Act it up for the camera! I’m not acting up! I grunted.
My cock’s gone proper hard again! I don’t know why, but being bent over like that and feeling another fella’s massive schlong ramming in and out of my bum had really got me really horny.

My cock was feeling full-on boned, straining and pulsating with the veins sticking up in knots the way that girls say creeps them out.
Reece pulled me up so that my back was against his chest and reached down and started beating at my shaft while his own rammed in and out of me.

I grunted my thanks: Jeez, having him wank me off felt so fucking good! I could suddenly smell Reece’s own distinct Fuck buddies dyersburg. butt stink really strongly again; it took me a few seconds to work out why.

It was on my dick as he was jerking my foreskin up and down; smeared over my cock head and streaked down the shaft.

His whole room must stink of our arses: his on my cock as he tossed me off; mine being ploughed roughly by his.

He turned to the camera and said, half-laughing half-panting, Come on, Jordan, let’s really put on a fucking show! Make the guys think we’re a couple of honest-to-god bum-drillers! We both turned to face it, grinning at the flashing red light.

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I pushed my arse backwards, so that they’d see Reece’s cock pumping away between my cheeks, and then thrust my hips forwards so that they’d see my big veiny cock being wanked off and the mess on Reece’s hand would tell them where it had been.
I laughed at the sight we’d make and how hot it would be to have all these other blokes gathered round watching me getting shagged up my brown ring.

The funniest part was that I really liked it.
Who’d have thought I’d enjoy having another fella up me?! But then my laughter died away as my bollocks gave their five second warning.
I’m gonna fucking cum, Reece!

Jeez, I’m gonna shoot! He kept pounding my cock, chuckling and grunting, as I found myself whimpering through one of the strongest nut-offs I’ve ever felt.

I’d heard guys say it’s good to spunk up with something stuffed up your shitbox, but I’d never tried it and had no idea it would feel so good.
He kept banging away at my arse with my cum squirting over my chest and his hand.

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And then I felt a burning hot feeling inside my guts and I kind of dimly figured he was also blowing his wad.
After he’d pulled out of me with a fart even sloppier than his and we were standing with our stinking, slimy cocks starting to droop down, he grabbed the camera and we looked at the video.
He laughed at the part where he was working his dick up my butt and said, They’re gonna totally think this is the real deal, Jordan!

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