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She made the decision easier when she kissed down my naked chest and lifted up my skirt so it was around my waist, pushed my legs open and attached her lips to my pussy.
I shuddered in ecstasy as her tongue slid across my lips Spanking white masturbate penis outdoor., giving me goosebumps.

I spread my legs wide, leaned back on my shoulders and threw my head back, soaking up the pleasure my little sister was giving me with her magical lips.
Ooooh yes Lisa lick my pussy.
Lick your big sisters pussy, I moaned.

She looked up at me and I looked back at her as she cracked a smile from under my pussy.
I bunched some pillows up behind me so I could look at her as she ate my pussy.

We never broke eye contact as she sucked my lips into her mouth and darted her tongue inside me as I brushed her hair out of the way.
Looking down at her while she looked back up at me with her hands gripping my thighs and a mouth full of my pussy, and the fact that it was my little sister doing the licking made the feeling that much better.

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I controlled my moaning Nigeriadatingsite. and held my hand on the back of her head and traced my foot along her back, I dont know why I always do that with her, I guess its just instinct.
I threw my head back again and enjoyed myself as Lisa wonderfully at my pussy, then I heard a car pull into the driveway and knew it had to be Marie, right on time.

I didnt say anything to Lisa and let her keep eating me as I heard Marie come through the house and make her way up the stairs to the door, where she nonchalantly opened it and came in and saw Lisas head between my naked legs, showtime.
I got the hangers, they were on sa
oh my god!

Lisa sat up from my pussy and looked at Marie, who looked like she just seen a ghost.
She grabbed a pillow from behind me and covered her tits and I sat up and took one and covered my waist down.
Marie dropped the hangers on the floor and stared at us open mouthed, unable to form words.

We didnt expect you back so soon, I lied.
She closed the door and stepped in.
What are you two doing?

Youre sisters!

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