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What, having sex? Youre joking, right? That might be true if I wasnt ready.
I can assure you, Dr.
Bishop, that isnt the case.
I take it then, that this was not your first time with him.
Have you had intercourse with him as well? Rebecca actually laughed.

Fellatio and intercourse? Those are such sterile terms, Doctor.
They take the fun right out of it.
The answer is yes though.
I spent the night fucking him.

Rebeccas eyebrows flicked upwards and her smile turned impish, as if she were savoring the memory.
Every nuance of her body language indicated that she was not only telling the truth, but that it was a truth she embraced wholeheartedly.

There was not a bit of the shame or hesitancy he expected to see in a girl her age, and Ted began to realize this interview was going to be far more complicated than he first anticipated.
Rebecca, he began again Clip dick sucking woman., You do understand that as you are a minor, I have to report this to your parents and the police.

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Even if you were willing, youre not old enough to make that decision.
This man has committed a crime.
He expected that last part to shake her confidence, but Rebecca just shrugged in indifference.

Maybe he has, but as you pointed out, under the law, Im a victim.
I havent broken the law and I wont tell them who he is.
As for my parents, I was emancipated by them just before the school year Craigslist oakvile erotic massage. began, so they have no say in what I do.

That being the case, the confidentiality of this conversation prohibits you from telling them.
Ted sat back, and ran his hand through his thinning hair.
He couldnt believe how brazenly comfortable she was with her actions and amazed at how well thought out her reasoning was.

He was being painted into a corner by a seventeen-year-old and if he didnt act quickly, the entire conversation was going to spiral out of his control.
He had to gather his thoughts, but was momentarily frozen by being confronted this way, especially by someone her age.

He was used to intellectual discourse and argument as he maintained a part-time teaching position in clinical psychology at the university.
He was not accustomed, however, to this kind of calm confrontation from his high school student referrals.
They were generally a little nervous and reserved if not respectful of authority.

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