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No, no no, Karen! I said, mocking what she had done to me during her striptease.
She sank back onto the bed groaning in frustration.

I leaned down and kissed then playfully Wive wants sex partner skokie. bit the inside of her thigh close to the crease where her leg and crotch met.
Oh, Johnny, please!

Please, baby
she whimpered.
I looked up into her pleading eyes.
I couldnt help feel sorry for this woman.

All she had ever wanted was to have someone who really cared for and loved her.
And yes she had made a mistake marrying that shit of a husband.
But she paid for that mistake several times over–in rejection, abandonment, and humiliation.

As I thought about her situation, I couldnt bring myself to harass her further. Lillynaughtyx horny bhabhi for chatting and sex.
It was time to make this lonely, sex-deprived divorcee mine.
I crawled up, straddling her body until I was face to face with her and on all fours over her.

Listen, Karen, I know that you dont have anyone special in your life.
I also know how much it sucks to sleep alone every night in a cold and lonely bed.
I dont have anyone special in my life either.

But unlike you, I dont have to wait around for someone to come along–I already know who I want, I said brushing a lock of hair from her face.
Me? You want me? she asked.
Yes, Karen, I have wanted you for years.

I have had to watch Trophy wife fuck pussy porn. how your ex-husband treated you and I have kept silent.
Many times I saw you crying and wanted to come and console you or at least let you talk about it.
But it wasnt my place and I didnt know how my help would be received.

Now he is gone and I am ready and willing to show you how your life should have been all along.
You made a few mistakes along the way, we all have.
And you cant go back and change the past.

But I am giving you a chance to change your future.

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