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You like it sloppy and messy and so do I! You continue to fuck my hot little mouth until you feel your hot cum starting to travel up your cock.
Before you explode you pull out, slap my face gently but crudely, and tell me assume Siberian masha porn. the position you fucking whore!

I lean back and stick out my tongue; I stroke myself even harder and faster getting closer to cumming as well.
Your cock is still wet and hard from my mouth and that lubrication helps you finish the job as you jerk yourself and blow your big load all over my face.

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You watch me cum and get kinky with great delight as you get dressed and cleaned up.
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I act in denial, knowing how embarrassed and humiliated I would be if anyone saw me like that, but then I remember that YOU have been humiliating me and forcing me to flash and suck in public all night long.

I go with it, secretly turned on by the idea of someone pulling up next to us on the drive back to my car and looking over and seeing my cum covered face.
Just to make sure I dont try to wipe it off, you tie up my hands behind my back then run the excess rope down the crack of my ass and then wrap the rest of it around my legs, as you tie up my legs you accidentally rub up against my thighs and then you tie the final knot around my upper inner thigh.

You either make me walk back with you or throw me over your shoulder, all tied up; spanking my ass once Im hoisted.
You choose what you want, whatever turns you on the most.

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