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All I can think about is having sex with you again.
You are an amazing lover.
I loved every moment of the time I spent in your bed.
I want to feel that again.
I want to walk in your secret garden once again.
Margaret may I… Ben spoke, but Margaret cut him short.

Margaret simply pulled him to her and began to kiss him once more.
Her tongue explored his mouth; her hands explored his muscular arms.
Margaret slowly unbuttoned his shirt and she ran Sex in cam. her fingers through his chest hair as they kissed.

Ben unbuttoned Margarets blouse and cupped her breast in his strong young hands.
The pair stripped each other slowly, kissing each others newly naked skin as they did.
Until finally, both Ben and Margaret were sitting on the sofa completely naked and kissing.

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Margaret looked into Bens young eyes and asked, Ben honey, are you sure you want to do this? Yes.
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Bens reply was short and sweet.

Margaret told Ben to sit on the edge of the sofa, with his legs apart.
Ben did as he was told.
Margaret got up and placed two small cushions on the floor in front of Ben, before kneeling on them.
Taking his erect manhood in her hand, Margaret Kissed Bens lips.

Margaret then began to kiss her way down his chest to his engorged purple head.
She then sucked him into her mouth, stroking his shaft and tenderly massaging his balls as she did.
Margaret continued to suck and stroke Ben until he exploded into her mouth.

His warm seed rushed into Margarets mouth as his shaft began to spasm.
Margaret milked every drop from his penis, and then sat beside him once again.
Oh Ben, that was wonderful.
My turn now.

Margaret purred.
Ben knelt on the cushions and kissed his way from Margarets ruby red lips to her breasts and then on down her stomach to her wet honey pot.

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