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Pants off.
I commanded.
Please said Jenny.
Do you want me to take them off? I said.

Jenny started to turn away but I stopped her and she slid them down and tossed them aside.
She sat down with her knees together until I told her she should sit the way she had been up to now, cross legged on the carpet.
Reluctantly, she obeyed and I saw her shaved tush glistening and moist.

This had obviously thrown her because she got the next four questions wrong leaving her needing only one more wrong to get a spanking.

My pants came off two questions later and Jenny took great delight in making me remove them standing directly in front of her.

Her eyes never left my crotch as my cock jumped out erect when I slid my pants down and took them off before sitting down cross legged.
Jenny reached for the cane and put it between us, You were the one who was keen to do this today.
she reminded me.

Jenny did not get one correct answer that next question session.
For her first spanking I made her touch her toes, feet wide apart.
I stood right behind her, my cock touching her bum Hot blondie porn. and nestling between her legs as I arranged her beautiful body for the spanking.

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I stepped back to take a good look at her slit before stroking round her bum.
Then I gave her five good strokes and she cried out with the shock of it. Interracial rio screwing.
I could see from her face she couldn’t wait to return the favour and she didn’t have to wait long.

After she’d asked just two more questions she smiled, Both wrong, now bend over the coffee table for your punishment, she said and spread your legs wide.
I felt her hand stroking round my bum and then under my balls and along my cock, which grew even harder at her touch.
What are you doing?

I asked, trying to get up.
Be quiet and stay bent over, I’ll tell you when to get up.
Then she gave me five very hard spanks making me yell out loud.

Stand up and put your hands on your head she told me, I’m going to teach him a lesson too, tapping me on the cock, he’s going to get five strokes too for lack of control.
She knelt down in front of me and stroked my aching cock before slowly getting up, brushing her hair and breasts along my erection and up my chest.

She was pressing herself against me but when I tried to touch her, she said strictly, Stand up straight, keep your hands on your head.
She walked round to one side of me, picked up her plastic bendy ruler and hit my cock along it’s length and on the tip.
I started to move my hands down after five but she gave me a stinging spank on the head of my cock and said I’ll tell you when I’m done, put your hands back.

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