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I think Bret had intended just to kiss her, but Laura had other ideas.
She held their kiss as she brought his cockhead up to her pussy lips and rubbed it against her vulva, pushing him between her lips to her clit. Candigirl101 live webcam video chat sex free.
I watched his cock grow in her hands, his base swelling up to its enormous girth.

As it stiffened, he pushed the head deeper between her lips, and she pulled him inside.
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Still kissing him, she put her hands on his ass, spread her legs wide, and pulled his cock all the way into her.

She let out a sexy grunt, muffled by the kiss, when he penetrated her deeply enough for his large base to stretch her cunt. Nude lesbians making out.
In the corner of my eye, I saw Denise watching me, and thought about our earlier conversation about watching our partners fuck each other and how much we liked it.

I looked over at her and she smiled and winked.
I smiled back at her as I returned my attention to Bret and Laura.
Stay there, Laura commanded Bret, and pulled her knees up to allow him to get deeper inside her.
Bret did as ordered, and stood there with his cock buried deep in my girlfriend.

She gripped my member and looked up at me.
God, his cock feels so good, she said to me.
I leaned down and kissed her.
She looked back up at Bret.

Give me one good hard shot, Bret, she said.
Just one good hard fuck.
Robs shirt was open and he had come around the breakfast bar to living room.

From there he had a perfect view.

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Selena gomez dating nick jonas 2016.