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Before he could set it down Adelaide took it from his hand, scrolled to Back in Your Head and hit play.
She set it down and they both remained quiet, just listening to the words on the short drive back to her house.
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You are fucking magic, Addy, Liam thought as Adelaide worked her oiled elbow into his quad.
When she was finished with his left leg, she covered it with a hot towel and began to wipe off the seaweed mud mixture off his right leg.

She pumped some scented oil onto her hands and worked it into his leg muscles for the next half hour.
All done, sir.
Liam opened his eyes when he felt Adelaide crawl onto the bed beside him.

She rested her head on his chest and again she reminded him of how much she missed him.

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Why cant we just be like this all the time? You belong in my bed, with me, Adelaide softly said.
Youre too expensive.

Not for you.
Youre twenty-five, beautiful, funny, and smart.
Dont you want to become something? You have so much potential.
Dont you want to be something other than my sugar baby? Adelaide sat up and looked right into Liam eyes.
I fucking love you.
Dont you ever call me sugar baby again.

I love you and you love me.
I still have the frilly ruff collar you bought me to wear in that picture.
Remember? We both picked our favorite picture and it was the same one? You said you liked it so much because you could see the love in my eyes.

That was the day I knew you were mine and I was yours.
You looked at me like the sun rose and set with me.
You love that I dont have to work when Im with you Older african porno amateurs..

You love making me happy.
You love spoiling me
You love fucking me… You love fucking me because you know it means something to both of us.

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Royal blue pantyhose nylons tights.