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We didn’t just fool around.
I went down on him, sucking his cock until he took over and fucked my tits and it wasn’t long before he deposited his cum all over my face and cleavage.
After all of that, it wasn’t long before did more.

The following night I snuck over to his house and that time he made sure he had condoms.
It wasn’t long before we were having sex at least once a day.
The sex was good, sometimes great, but that’s not the story I want to tell you this time.

This time I want to tell you about the night his parents were out of town and I stayed over at his house.
We didn’t even pretend to watch a movie this time.

We went straight up to his bedroom and practically ripped off each other’s clothes.

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We did a lot of things that night.
I sucked his cock until he shot his cum into my mouth.
He went down on me and made me scream.
We fucked a lot.
We fucked missionary.

I rode him. German sex dateing.
He fucked me doggy style.
By the time we were done and collapsed on to the sheets, he had filled three condoms.

It was the most times I’d ever made a guy cum in one night and if we could’ve kept our eyes open, we would’ve kept going.
I woke up first when the sun started coming through the crack in the window drapes.
With his naked body next to me, the first thought to my mind somehow was more sex.

Unfortunately, my second thought was to check the time.
I had to work the morning shift that day at my part time job and I’d have to go home first to shower and get my uniform.
So instead of reaching over for his cock, I reached to my phone on the nightstand.

The time on my phone said that I had to hurry if I wanted to get to work on time Asian girl in el rhenannja..
I climbed out of bed without waking him and started finding my clothes on the floor.
I had only put my bra and thong on when Sean rolled over and looked at me.
What are you doing? I have to go to work.

I said, then pulled on the t-shirt I had worn the previous night.
Just a quickie? He pulled back the sheet to reveal his morning wood.
I can’t.
I couldn’t help but checking out his erection.

My body said yes, but I couldn’t risk being late to work.
I had already been late twice in the past month and the last time the nice boss even warned me that he would have to write me up if I was late again.

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Red headed girls with big asses.