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please, Johnny, please give me your cum! she said.
She knelt down and opened her mouth, waiting like a baby bird to be fed.
I stepped forward and pushed her back against the side of the bed, pinning her head back against the mattress by her hair.

I shoved my cock into her mouth and began to face fuck my girl, loving the gluck-gluck-gluck sounds she made.
It was just like in the porn movies I had watched so many times.
I had always been jealous of the men in those movies
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But now I had my very own porn starlet right here and I was balls deep in her sweet, hot mouth.
It was only a couple of moments, but it was glorious! Suddenly I felt my nuts tighten and I knew it was time.

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Karen knew it too–she could feel my cock swell in her mouth.
I pulled out of her mouth and pointed my cock at her just as the first jets of cum shot across her beautiful face, landing on her cheek and across her nose and mouth.
I pumped another spurt onto her face and partially in her mouth.

The third and fourth landed on her tongue and she held them in her mouth, taking in every bit of cum I could give her and holding it until I was done.
I gave my last to her perfect tits as their reward, then I looked up New hermaphrodite sex porno real hermaphrodites. at my beautiful Karen.

She opened her mouth showing me she had saved my cum, then she pushed it out of her mouth a bit playing with it before swallowing it down.
She was spectacular!

Karen used her fingers to rub my cum into her tits and wipe it off her face, licking her fingers clean then taking me in her mouth to clean me off as well
When she had finished, I pulled her to her feet and put my arms around her, kissing her and not even caring that I could taste myself on her lips.

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