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Mmmm, she said softly in the dark.
You know, Jack.
I want to spend the night with you eating my pussy and me sucking on your cock, and fucking every way possible, but right now Ive got to have a cock in my pussy or I think Im going to explode.

Unbelievably the words didnt come out like trash talk.
I was becoming mesmerized by this petite woman.
I took the wine glasses and set them aside, and then in one Black girl facial naked. easy motion I lifted her off the sofa, and set her on the floor.

Then I pushed her blouse off of her and undid her shorts and slid them to the floor.
I could tell she was wearing some bikini panties so I quickly pushed them off of her.

She was naked now, so I lifted her back up and took her to the king size bed in the back of the RV.

Sucking old man.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and pushed her lips against my face.
Gently, I laid her on the bed and then quickly undressed.
I slid onto the bed and her arms were back around my neck pushing her body up against me.
Please, Jack.

Dont make me wait.
I didnt.
My cock was already hard.
I pushed her onto her back and came up between her legs.
I rubbed my cock into the folds of her pussy.
She was already extremely wet.

I pushed my cock into her tight pussy.
She wrapped her legs around my legs and pushed her pussy hard against me.
Oh, God, Jack.
Youre cock is so big and feels so good.

Please fuck me.
I started fucking her in a slow steady rythem.
She came quickly, her pussy reacting in little convulsions to her first orgasm, her body and hips undulating in little spurts beneath me as the orgasm coursed through her.
Please Pussy pictures piss hole. dont stop Jack.

Keep fucking me with that big beautiful cock.
And I did.
She held onto me tightly with her arms and her legs, her hips moving up against me, her pussy devouring my cock with its tightness, her juices making sliding in and out of her a pure joy.

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Prochain speed dating a paris.