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But he didnt touch my butt or my thighs.
Now shoulders and the rest of your back, he said.
But this tie is in the way.
He started to untie my top.
No Keith, just my back, I said.
Thats what Im doing but I dont want to get oil on your top. Updating k9copy.

You dont have to roll over.
So he untied my top and oiled the rest of my back and my shoulders.

He managed to touch the sides of my breasts, but I didnt say anything.

Then he reached down and squirted more lotion on the backs of my legs.
This time he rubbed the inside of my thighs and I wondered how high hed go, I tightened my legs together.
This feels good, doesnt it Cara? I didnt say anything… but I relaxed a bit.
I didnt stop him.

When his hand brushed between my legs it felt like an electric shock hit me.
Weve got to get rid of this bottom, he said as he slid a hand under the waist of the swimsuit. Rinat_music www deshisexchat com.
Raise your bottom, Im going to take it off.
I was so hot.
Ill take it off, I said.

So I stood up and took it off.
Then I turned to face him.
I wanted to show him my body… close up.
Then he reached for me and I panicked.
What are you doing? Are you crazy! I jumped in the pool.
Get out of here, I yelled, go home! He turned and left.

I havent sunbathed nude or even topless since then.
Tom and I see Keith in the neighborhood but hes never mentioned our encounters and, of course, neither do I.
I havent told Tom.

But there are times when I catch myself fantasizing
his strong hands massaging my breasts
his lips on mine
his hard cock.
Maybe next summer? Crack my whip went across his fingers.
I told you to do what I said.
If you break the rules you will be punished.

We were at the movies and I brought my slave.
I told her that she would get a treat today, half way through the movie.
I put her collar on and her leash, I made her hike up her denim mini skirt it barely covered her shaved pussy.

Her 36DD chest was bulging out of her tight shirt; she had no bra on either. Maryleen chat with call girls.
I began to play with her pussy.
I saw the guy in front of us look back.

I asked Do you want some of this?

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