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Seeing Jeff go in there Sexydivacock kerala real life sex videos. brought back memories of my conversation with my mother about my dad being a cuckold and sucking the cum from those other men from her pussy.
It had been quite a while since I had been fucked by a big cock, since I had been faithful to Ed since we were married, but my pussy was now itching to be fucked by a man who could really fill my vagina.

The idea that Mindy might be in there fucking those guys was driving me nuts, and I just started drinking more to calm myself down.
Ed also noticed that Mindy went into the room with those guys and he asked, Damn, Susan, did you see Mindy go into the room with those two guys, and then later Jeff went in?

I wonder what’s going on in there.
Something in the back of my mind told me that I should just be truthful with Ed about what I thought was going on, and as I look back on it now, I think I subconsciously wanted to know how he would react to that type of cuckold relationship, possibly as a preview to how he would feel about me fucking other men.

So, I answered him saying, Well, I think it’s possible that Mindy is in there fucking those two guys, and Jeff might just be watching or even participating in it. Validating querystring.
Ed then excitedly replied, Holy shit, do you really think that’s what is going on? And what do you mean by him participating?

What would he be doing? I sure didn’t want to admit that I knew about cuckolds from my mother, so I said, A girlfriend of mine in college told me about some couples who have a cuckold relationship.

The husband likes to watch his wife fucking other men, and sometimes they even like to suck the other man’s cum from her pussy and even suck the cock of the other guy.
That sometimes happens when the husband has a small dick and he likes to see his wife fucked with big cocks.

I can’t be sure, but that might be what’s going on in there.
I knew that Christia dating. Ed had never heard about cuckolds before because he said, My oh my, I’m not saying that I’d want to do that, and it does sound pretty nasty, but at the same time kind of hot.

And shit, if she’s doing that with him here, she must be fucking like a mink with the rotation crew when Jeff’s at sea.
Ed’s reaction surprised me and was more than I could have hoped for, and I was happy that he hadn’t just gotten pissed and dismissed the whole thing as perverted, including the part about Mindy fucking while Jeff was at sea.

I was starting to think that I might be able to make him my cuckold, and my pussy was soaking wet in anticipation.
As the evening continued, I cut back a little on my drinking, but I made sure that Ed always had a full glass in his hand.

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