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I cleaned up and left my room.
I was greeted by Shelly in the den.
Hey kiddo.
How are you feeling? Shelly asked Im Girl in dress black and white stripes on bottom. good.
Im still tired, I replied.
Me too.
Im a little sore.

Good fucking last night.
I havent been fucked like that in so long, Shelly said.

You are a great fuck Shelly, I said.

We sat and watched TV.
I heard Brittany leave her room.
She found her way into the den.
Hey mom.
Hey Zach, she said.
Hey, Shelly and I both said.

Hey mom, can I have the house to myself tonight? Zach and I are going to have a friend over, Brittany asked.

I was going to have a girls night out with a few friends anyway. Ayano aya.
You kids have fun, Shelly said.
Brittney took a seat next to me on the couch as Shelly sat in the recliner across from us.
We sat and watched TV.
We were watching some shitty Lifetime movie.

I wasnt in to it.
I could tell Brittany wasnt either.
Brittany started to play with the hair on my leg.

She would rub her hand from my knee and almost into my crotch.
She would twist my hair in her fingers.
Im cold, she said as she grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch.

She covered herself and threw the excess blanket over 1979 mg midget 1500 engine. my legs and and crotch.
We sat quiet for about ten minutes.
I looked at Brittany and she gave me a smile.
I felt her hand slowly slide up to my stomach and slide into the waist band of my shorts.

She slowly slid her hand down to find my cock.
With a wink she wrapped her hand around my cock and started to stroke the head with her finger tips.

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