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And true, at my age, Id done a lot of sexual shit, but I had never let a girl her age do something even remotely taboo like that.
Nor had I ever expected that Tammy would take her time, sucking slowly at first, and then gradually speeding up to where I exploded in her mouth, cumming intensely hard, emptying my dick out, and feeling her swallow everything I let loose.

When I finished, she was sucking gently, my knees were jelly, I was shaking, and she did something that shocked the hell out of me.
She looked up at me, wiped her mouth, and smiled.
I could not believe a seventeen year old girl could even know about stuff like that, let alone be that good at it. Druink sex orgy.

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It made me want to ask questions, inquire about her sexual history and past, and find out exactly how much shed been around.
But I never got the chance, because, sitting there, not more than five feet away, my step-daughter Kiley watched Boobs butt and shoulder. the entire encounter.

I admit, Id done a lot of crazy things.
I will admit that Id gone beyond doing normal sexual things that most guys or even women my age would do.
Id let others watch me have sex.
Id even gone as far as letting others watch me masturbate.

I had experimented with online video cameras, sex chat rooms, and the like.
I guess part of it had to do with my boring marriage, prude and lame wife, someone rarely interested in sex, and it had something to do with my curious interest in the sexual taboo and abnormal habits that I had regarding sex.

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Perfect boob thumbs.