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she asked.
No, I replied.
You’d be the first.
You know what they say? she quickly responded.
You go black and you don’t go back.
I laughed.
Yeah, I replied, I’ve heard that before.
Tanya bit down on her lower lip and lowered her head.

Do you wanna get out of this sun for a bit? she offered.

Sure, I replied, turning on to my side to face her.
There was now way to hide the excitement that had been stirred within Milf fucks friends virgin son. my swimming trunks.

Tanya slowly pulled her legs up under herself, and then sat up on the side of her chase lounge to face me.
She silently tossed her book into a pool bag and then grabbed her towel, as she stood up.
Come on, she beckoned as she started to walk off.

Let’s get out of the sun.
I was stunned.
Literally stunned.

I scrambled to my feet and quickly caught up to her.
I opened the pool gate and she offered a wink as she passed by meet.
I feel in line behind her.

Oh my God, that booty! I followed her into her first-floor apartment.
She he tossed her stuff on to the couch and then, in a flash, she pinned me against the back of the door, grabbing my hands in hers and pinning them over my head as she pressed herself up against me.

Black old slut.

Her hot breath felt so sensuous.
She pulled one of my hands down and placed it on the ass.
She pressed her lips to mine and our tongues did a little dance as her free hand found its way to my crotch.

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She was on fire! She grabbed my cock in her hand and then quickly released it, shoving her hand past the waist band of my swimming trunks to grab my tool as I cupped her buttocks in my hand.
Oh my God!

I pulled at the string of her bikini bottoms.
She pulled at the knotted side of her bikini bottoms on the other side of her luscious and shapely twenty-two-year-old body.
Her bikini bottoms quickly fell to the floor.
Her bikini top followed.
Oh my God!

Tanya was model material.
She could easily grace the cover of any fashion magazine, with her well-toned body.
I didn’t take her long to strip me of my swimming shorts.
What followed was as intense of a blow job as I have ever experienced.

Tanya dropped to her knees right in front of me and took my tool into her hands as she studied it, before taking the time to tease me by swirling her tongue around the head of my circumcised tool as she cupped my testicles.
She coated the entire length of my tool and then began as very slow and deliberate attack, working my cock in and out of her mouth as she peered up at me to gage my reaction.
My legs began to weaken as she worked on my tool and I though for sure I was going to blow my load straight down the back of her throat.

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