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Did he always like my blue low neck top? Did he intentionally used to drop a spoon at the dining table whenever I went to have dinner with him and his mom? I was getting excited to get the answers of all these dirty questions hitting my mind.
I had just graduated from college.

Sheri and I were heading to Ocean City for a week with friends of mine from school.
Bob was in all of my classes from sophomore to senior year.
We became pretty good friends.
He was actually kind Sexy girls in bathing suits. of an asshole, but his girlfriend, Christina, was ridiculously hot.

Frankly, I never understood exactly what she saw in him.
Christina flirted with me all the time, which pissed Bob off but neither of us cared.

She knew I was into her, but also knew that Sheri and I planned on getting married after she was done with school the following year.

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Christina was about the same height as Sheri, 56 or so, with long blond hair and big, beautiful blue eyes.
She was a dancer, so her body was immaculate.
Her legs were strong and toned and her ass was perfection.
To top everything off, Christina had an amazing pair of tits as well.

Once at school, on a day that Bob was home sick or Threesomes xxx stories. something, she tried talking me into a quickie in the elevator.
She unbuttoned her blouse enough to give me a full view of her lacy white bra encasing her fabulous breasts.
To this day, I dont know how I resisted.

Sheri really didnt like Bob either.
He was kind of arrogant for no reason, other than the fact he figured out some way to Christina to fuck him.
In any case, we headed to Ocean City in separate cars.

It was a six hour drive from Pennsylvania to Maryland, so Sheri and I talked about things we wanted to do for the week.
Sheri wore a bikini top on the trip down, I think specifically so I could stare at her breasts for hours on end.

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