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She even gave Robert a blowjob once she finished and swallowed his cum.
Robert was pleased and life went on.
The pattern was always the same; she would have sex with a man, come home, tell Robert all the details and then suck his cock until he came.

The only variable was whether she swallowed his load.
Sometimes Mexico mature ladies sex. he came on her tits instead, but she always sucked him to climax.
Their love was unshaken, even enhanced by the trysts.
The men meant nothing to her except as a means to an end.

She felt pleasure when she was with them, nearly always had an orgasm with them, but nothing else.

She loved Robert, she always did.
The sex with other men was what Robert wanted, so she did it for him out of love.
It was satisfying for both of them, until she met Zach.

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Her feelings for Zach were complicating things.
Zach was different from her other lovers.
She could talk to him about anything, and he listened to her, really listened.

He treated her like she was the only woman in the world and his lovemaking was, well, the best shed ever had, including Robert.
She had feelings for him, she was sure of it.
The problem was whether those Sex dating in swatara minnesota. feelings were growing stronger.

She had a big decision to make, and soon.
She was in a place she said she would avoid, and yet here she was.
Jayne was startled out of her reminiscing by a series of hard knocks at the door.
She got up and walked to the door.

She could feel Zachs cum inside her ass and every step she took made it slippery up there.
It also made her very excited.
She opened the door and was surprised to see Carol standing there.

What are you doing here? she asked.
Dont you know youre not welcome here after your outburst the other day? She was ready to slam the door in her face when Carol spoke.

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