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Her mom was not home, she had gone to see her cousin and her dad was at work.
It was around 8 P.
M and we were watching T.

V and talking in the living room.
Suddenly Anna got a phone call from her boyfriend.
Hey, Tom is in the town so I’m going to meet him, Anna said as she finished talking on phone.
Okay, then drop me home, I said.
No, you stay.

Have fun and sleep in my room, Anna said, Mom is not home and Dad stays in the office most of the time so be comfortable.
But, I said.
Please, Laura.

Tom is in the town for tonight only, and I want to spend as much time as I can with him, I understood her feelings and agreed to stay.
I helped Anna in choosing a sexy dress and putting on some make-up.
She left to meet and fuck her boyfriend, and I again got busy in watching T.

and eating popcorns.
After a while, I turned off the T.
V and went to Anna’s room.
I grabbed her laptop and opened the secret folder.
Anna and I liked watching porn all the time, but tonight I was enjoying it alone.

I watched a video where the man fucked a teen girl, doggy style and pulled her hair. Big cock hunk.
I got excited and my pussy got wet.
No one was at home so I felt totally comfortable in undoing my jeans and slipping my hands in my panties.

I pulled my jeans and panties down to my thighs and started feeling my wet pink pussy.
I was not a virgin but had sex only with my ex-boyfriend a couple of times.
We broke up a month ago.

One after the other I was watching hot and dirty porn videos on the laptop, and my fingers were working harder inside my pussy.
Hmm… so good, I was slowly moaning.
I got up and totally took off my jeans and panties, now I got more comfortable and spread my legs a little to pleasure myself.

Suddenly I remember something and I got out of the bed.
I searched for something in Anna’s closet and found her pink vibrator.
I turned it on.
It was working.
I first washed it and then again lay down in the bed.

I turned on the vibrator and inserted it in my Young show virgin nude. pussy.
Oh fuck, so good, I moaned.
I played one more video where a girl was getting fucked by her friend’s dad and it didn’t take much time for me to imagine Mr.

Wright fucking me.
I imagined him fucking me doggy style, pulling my hair, spanking my ass, riding his hard cock and then making him cum in my mouth.
Oh Mr.

Wright… yes, fuck me, I was moaning.
It was totally weird, but I got so horny and excited Wyarno wyoming single women. that I didn’t realize what I was thinking and moaning.
Anna, Honey you… I heard a voice and the door of the room opened.

Wright was standing there at the door.

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