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Yes I did.
” She walks over to the fridge and opens it, standing there in only her tank top and yellow panties.
Looking at her, all I can do is smile, as the images of her spread out over the sheets of her bed flash through my mind.

She bends over to get something to drink, as her panties stretch across her taut round ass, pulling up into the folds of her pussy lips, exposing one of them in the process.
Her pussy lip is still slightly wet from her playing around a few minutes earlier.

She looks back and smiles at me before walking over and hugging me happily.
So daddy what’s the plan for today? she asks me.
Thinking for a bit I reply, Well baby, why don’t we go to the beach today?

It’s about 90degrees outside.
She agrees and runs up to her room to get ready as I do the same.
Once ready, we headed to the beach for some sun and a little bit of fun.
We were in water till about 1pm, floating and swimming back and forth, when I suggested to get some lunch and then head home.

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So we went to Denny’s to grab a bite before going home.
On getting home, after a shower, we sat downstairs in the living room, watching a movie.
I sat on the couch, resting my back against it, when she came, laying her head across my lap and her body across the couch.

I sat there, running my fingers through her hair, while glancing over her body, looking at her perky breasts.
I start feeling my cock growing hard under her head.
Shaking my head, I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down before she notices.

To make matters worse, there’s a hot steamy sex scene going on in the movie; I see her body stiffen, her pelvis raised and her back arched with her toes curling outwards slightly, She takes deep breaths to try to cool her raging hormones and urges.
Suddenly, I find her hand grabbing mine as she places it on her stomach; the feel of her tight toned body had me licking my lips She slides my hand under 3d bdsm comics. her shirt, running my fingers back White girls bent over pics. and forth across her stomach and around her navel.

A soft moan escapes her lips as I move my hand a little higher up, towards her breasts.
She guides my hand further up her torso, just below her rib cage, almost to her breasts.
One side of me wanted to touch her, pinch her nipples but on the other hand, I was thinking , ‘Can I really be doing this with my own daughter?’.

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Patricia13 free mobile sex chat with girl without registration.