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The meeting was to take place in the city of Bremen, 160 miles away from Essen.
This was not a problem when you’re driving a rocket on four wheels.
Karl-Jurgen had a meeting in a city near Bremen, so we all agreed to meet there on neutral turf.

I left the office in Essen a little early, at around 4:30 PM and reached Bremen exactly two hours later.
Rush hour traffic on the A1 slowed me down as I approached the city, but I had anticipated that in advance.

We had agreed to meet at the Indian restaurant called Maharani on Findorffstrasse, number 114 at 7:00 PM, and I was half an hour early.
I was a bit nervous as I parked the car because I had no idea what to expect.
This was my first time meeting a German swinger couple in the flesh.

As I entered the restaurant, I was impressed by the tasteful decor and ambiance of the place, with the early-evening sun streaming in through cut-glass windows.
I was dressed in my usual office business attire: dress shirt and slacks and my wingtips (I know, I know: wingtips, but forgive me).

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As I turned to my right I recognized Karl-Jurgen and Aleksandra immediately from their photos.
They also had arrived early and were sitting in a booth facing the door.
I was relieved to see that they were true to their word and had not sent me photos of themselves from twenty years prior.

Score an extra point for honesty.
I approached the table, and as is custom, extended my hand first to Aleksandra and introduced myself.
Next, came Karl-Jurgen.
We greeted each other warmly, and he invited me to take a seat.
I will not bore Xxchancexxx13 online sex usa aunty. you with the details of our dinner talk.

Just suffice it to say that we exchanged relaxed and pleasant small talk before, during, and after dinner.
Karl-Jurgen proved to have quite a sense of humor and he and Aleksandra enjoyed ribbing each other mercilessly.
So much for the staid, stiff, humorless German demeanor.

The guy was a riot, and I had tears of laughter running down my cheeks before long.
The stories they both could tell about their house cat, Bobby! After dinner, however Free dark cavern chat room., is where things got interesting.
It started out with Aleksandra asking me if I was afraid of or allergic to cats.

I told her no, then Karl-Jurgen says to me, Bobby is a big male cat who likes to dominate and defend his territory, but once he gets to know you, everything will be fine.

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