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Orgasm while fever.

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The sun light shone through her shirt making it almost see through.
The light caught her breasts and made their shape visible through the shirt.
I could anticipate what was to about to happen and I felt the conflict inside.

I could not get involved with a student.
I could destroy my career for a few moments of pleasure.
What happened next made my self control disappear.

Catherine walked up to me and took my hand.
She put it through her blouse and my hand touched her breasts.

She looked me in the eyes and told me that she wanted me.

My lips met hers and our mouths exploded in a fit of hot passionate kisses.
as our tongues probed each others mouths.
I cupped her breast with my hand and massaged it’s roundness.
She was wearing a silk bra underneath and I squeezed and pulled at her nipple.

A soft moan left her mouth.
I stumbled back and sat onto a desk almost falling.
Catherine followed my move. Ohio pussy umua.
The clumsy action made my legs come up and my leg ended up between hers.

She continued to kiss me and her legs squeezed mine.
She started to rub herself against my thigh and again she let out a moan as her pussy rubbed against my strong thigh.
‘I want you’ she said ‘I have wanted you for so long Hairy whore masturbate penis outdoor..
You make me so wet’.

My cock was now rock hard and the bulge out of my trousers was so apparent.
She moved her hand grabbed my cock through my trousers and started to rub.
My breath shortened and I gasped as she rubbed me.
She threw back her head and exposed her neck and cleavage.

I kissed down her neck and moved my hand underneath her blouse from the back and caressed her back.
I undid her bra then moved my hands to her front to massage her now bare breasts.
Catherine continued to grind her pussy against my thigh as she rubbed my cock, her moans started to get louder.

She then stopped and said ‘hang on I don’t want to cum yet’ Naked revers cowgirl sex gifs..
She then knelt down in front of me and began to undo my trousers.
She pulled my trousers off and pulled down my boxers.

My hard cock was released and Catherine took hold of my shaft with one hand and massaged my balls with the other.
Pre-cum seeped from my cock and Catherine licked it up with her tongue.
She then took the tip in her mouth and started to take my hard cock in and out of her mouth.

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Orgasm while fever.