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Youve been had, bounty hunter.
Dont take it personal, its just business.
Business? I asked.
What else could it be? That doctor is mad.

He went insane when his wife died, four years ago.
That girl you helped transport is going to make him a fortune.
And we get a cut, he smugly answered.

I growled.

Lets just say that people with more Bdsm irene boss. money than they know what do with, will pay handsomely to fuck a vampire, his tone turned eerie as he spoke.
Youre insane.
Im going to enjoy watching Wrath stomp you to death, I grinned.
Think about it.

Why the sudden spree of grisly murders? People die and are killed all the time in London.
Then word gets out of a vampire with a stake in her heart, and high society lines up at Castle Thell, to fuck her, and watch Korean prostitute hidden. her get fucked.

Theyre sick fucks, and we make money off their twisted desires. Tulsa tn sex cam.
He brought his arm up and waved one of his friends over.
Bring the beast, show this asshole how hes going to die, he grinned.

His friend pulled something out of a saddlebag and walked towards me.
He had what looked like a giant pair of pliers.
It looked heavy and sturdy.
Three foot long handles controlled the metal jaws at its end.

Metal jaws with three inch sets of sharpened metal fangs.
The instrument was designed not to cut through flesh and bone, but with the sole purpose to crush them via the concentration of huge forces on the small area where the fangs make contact.

Like the wounds on the bodies that had gripped London with fear.
You murdered innocent people to make money off the rich and depraved? I became enraged at the thought.
We havent murdered anyone.
We used the metal fangs on anyone we found dead.

The doctor might be insane, but he has a head for business.
They didnt feel a thing.
Shame you wont be able to say the same.

Maybe well drag your dead body back to the castle and charge those sick fucks to see you all torn to shreds.
He was enjoying himself.
Tell me about what else goes on in the castle.
I was stalling for time.

Why not? The night is still young.

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