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With a low chortle, Jimmy reached down and guided him to his hole.
Slowly at first, he murmured, as he felt Tobin’s cock head press against him.
Just take it gentle.
Chastised, Tobin eased his cock forward, and Jimmy moaned as he felt the engorged head pop through Home hardcore movie tgp. his sphincter.

Keep going, he gasped.
Tobin pressed in, a shudder running through his body as he felt Jimmy grip his cock with his nether muscles.
Jimmy moaned, then gave a small cry as Tobin slid his cock home.

It had been too long since he’d been properly fucked, and Tobin’s hardness was sublime.

Fuck me, he said between clenched teeth, and cried out again as he obliged, starting to pump his hips—slowly and deliciously at first, but then with growing confidence and speed.

Holy shit, Tobin said, his voice strangled.
Holy shit.
This feels so fucking amazing.
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Fuck me, Jimmy said, spreading his legs farther.
Fuck me hard.

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Holy shit.
You like that ass? It feel good? Tight around your cock?

Tobin did not answer—Jimmy could tell he couldn’t.
He grunted and moaned as he fucked him, and even though he’d already cum twice, Jimmy could feel the orgasm building in his lover’s body.
Slow down, he murmured.
Tobin obliged, and the urgency receded.

He fucked him slowly, almost languorously, he eyes heavy-lidded with pleasure.
Yes—the kid was a natural, Jimmy reflected, feeling his own cock return to hardness as he moaned and gasped beneath Tobin.
Tobin noticed—he reached down and started to stroke him as he fucked.

Slick with sweat and cum, it needed no lube, and soon Jimmy started to feel the double ecstasy of a hard cock in his ass and a firm hand on his cock.
Fuck me, baby, Jimmy said again.
Tobin speeded up his rhythm, and stroked him more urgently.
Holy shit, Tobin gasped.

I’m getting close.
Me too, Jimmy growled.
Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.

Tobin suddenly stiffened, his whole body trembling, and Jimmy felt the cock inside him swell and explode.
The sensation put him over the edge and he came in Tobin’s hand, the cum hot and slick on his already shiny cock.

Tobin’s whole body spasmed once more, and he collapsed, panting, on top of Jimmy.
They lay like that for a long few moments, both of them breathing hard.

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Online kids dating services.