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I have created a Monster- not in the Doctor Frankenstein sense, no scalpel involved, no body parts obtained by nefarious means- but I have created one, nonetheless.
Molded with word and deed alone.

It is surprisingly easy- take one male specimen, a simple enough creature, and using feminine wiles, charm and plain old blackmail, I found I could turn him into the almost perfect companion.
I call him Monster, which he takes as a term of endearment.
I told you they were simple.

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I’m not a dominatrix, per se, it’s just that after several disastrous affairs I felt I needed to take control.
I grew tired of being used, so what better way to be in control than to create my own Monster? He learns quickly, my every whim satisfied- well, almost.

I have created him, he is mine to order about.
Housework all done, shopping carried from the shops to the car, the car chauffeured and the shopping unpacked upon reaching home.

Reading had become second nature to him, and my Monster entertains me with stories, keeping me up to date on current affairs. 18 sex free online live video chat.
He knows how to lose gracefully at board games.
My Monster displays all the outward qualities of the perfect partner without the needy, greedy side.

As I say, an almost perfect companion.
Oh, don’t get me wrong.
I know he wants me, if you catch my drift?

When I bathe he sits and reads to me, but I see his eyes wander, taking in my long, red hair, my well-formed breasts, my flat tummy.
His eyes wander further, the trimmed hair barely covering my rose coloured lips.
I see the dilemma on his face, and the stirring in his trousers.

But he knows the rules, he is here for my bidding, and for that reason alone.
He does exactly what is asked of him, nothing more.
Monster, I will say, and he is here beside me.
I am going out tonight, and I want my skirt and blouse ironed, and my underwear laid out.

And he will nod, and without question will go about his duties.
Good Monster.
And later, after I have showered, he will sit in the chair of the bedroom and watch as I dress, without comment unless I ask his opinion. Single savannah girl looking for fun.

He drives me to my rendezvous, opening the door for me, and will be there to pick me up again at the designated time.
Every woman should have a Monster.
I had a particularly gruelling day at work and was in a bad mood when Monster picks me up.

My mood doesn’t improve when I see a scratch on the car door.
What happened, Monster? He tells me he had parked at the supermarket and had returned to see the damage.

Of course, no one had accepted responsibility, no note left on the car.

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