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They had become shorter and faster now that she was good and wet.
Her breathing was getting heavier, releasing a moan every now and then as she could feel the loose summer dress rub softly against her nipples through her movements.

Her pussy was drenching her panties and was beginning to leave a moist trail on the pole and leaves from her humping.
Her fingers gripped the pole harder as the waves of pleasure began flowing Dirty adult chatroom. through her body more and more frequently.

Her scent began to fill the air around her, and she could smell it every time she inhaled between her moans.
It made her even hornier, and she began to breathe in through her nose just so it could fill her Cute guy for cute bigger girl. mind with the idea of the pole not being an inanimate object, but someone else.

At this point, it wouldn’t really matter if it was a man or a woman.

Her moans and breathing had gone from rhythmic to more erratic as she was now approaching the climax.

She could feel her entire body shivering as she humped the green pole back and forth, rubbing her sensitive little clit along the rough edges. Duckysdating com.
She began imagining the pole being the rough fingers of the carpenter she had fucked back in the city.

The thought quickly led to what had followed, his cock being rammed into her tight ass.
The memory of her ass being stretched and her hair pulled was enough to send her over the edge with a loud scream, the same scream she had let out as her ass was being pummelled.

Malin’s body shook along the pole as the orgasm rode through her body.
The rough leaves pressed and teased her clit as she let out a series of long pleasurable moans.
Her fingers almost dug into the wood as her body remained tense and stiff as the pole she had just ridden.

As her orgasm finally subsided, she collapsed on the pole with her chest and face buried in the leaves.
She was heaving and doing her best to catch her breath as the post-orgasm feeling rode her body now clinging to the pole so as not to fall off.

Her drunken and exhausted arms failed her, and she fell off down on the grass.
Thank you, Mr.
Pole, that was amazing.
She grinned at her own joke.
Unsteadily she got up to a kneeling position, leaning a bit on her knees against the pole as the world stopped spinning.

She grabbed her bottle that was now almost empty due to spilling and got on her feet and started walking away.
It would be a rather long walk home, but right now she didn’t care.
She’d reached the release she had been needing.

—————————————————————– Yeah, I remember it now.

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