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When he saw me he asked, Is everything okay? And I said, Its fine.
Are you sure you arent feeling a little left out? Vic said, noticing that I was staring at his cum covered cock.
I just kinda hung my head instead of answering.
Could you do me a favor?

My cock is covered with cum and your wifes pussy juicy.
Could you clean it off for me so it doesnt stain my pants? Sure.

Let me get a wet cloth, I said as I stood to go to go to the bathroom.
No, said Vic, With your mouth.
When I realized that he was serious I went to my knees.

Leaning down, I took his sticky flaccid cock into my mouth.

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Then as Vic watched I cleaned his cock of their combined sexual fluids.
As I moved my mouth on his shaft trying to get all the cum off I felt his cock twitch.
I could feel Vic growing and hardening in my mouth.

And what started out a simple cock cleaning turned into a full-fledged blowjob.
I backed off and work the head a little with my lips and tongue before I slowly took him back in my mouth.
Once Vic was balls deep I clinched and unclenched my mouth like I was open Free amateur gangbang sex pic. and closing my fist.

A trick I learned from a previous girlfriend.
Except she did it with her pussy instead of Girls who want to give handjobs handjob. her mouth.
In later years as I perfected it better I was able to get guys off this way without ever moving my mouth up and down.
Then Id back off until my lip were around the base of the head.

Then Id slowly move my clinched lips up and down Vics thick shaft.

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Olwsen twins nude.