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Dare I do this? His eyes were closed and cheeks flushed as he waited for the vacuum to connect with his body…closer and closer the nozzle moved as the excitement grew – suddenly the nozzle was on him, sucking some of him in – the hose wasn’t wide enough to suck him all in but the high pitched whine of the blocked nozzle continued as more of his balls were slowly sucked inside.

He was moaning with something – pleasure? Pain? As I pulled the nozzle away I saw the misshapen bulge of his cotton covered balls being pulled with it, his penis still pointing downwards but huge and thick as a coke bottle, he was indeed very aroused but in pain?

I wanted to continue with this little game but was unsure if I’d hurt him…he opened his eyes and I saw him mouth the words ‘I was more’.
Jenny is dumb struck.
Her hand is now just dormant inside her sisters pussy, any thoughts of locating the g-spot have vanished.

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How can she answer this ? What exactly did Sky hear ? Sky now sees her chance to take control.
Sky’s attempts at loving other girls were all initiated by her, but the past day or so, with her smaller, younger sister, has been dominated by Jenny’s actions.

Now Sky can see how she can again be the ‘big sister’.
Sky knows by Jenny’s silence, she has the relationship with Daddy, worked out exactly, and Beckley girl look for sexual. Sky wants to be a part of it, but under her terms.

Sky bends her head to suck on Jenny’s little tit, and says, Well I can see we have things to work out.
Then Sky enjoys the feel of not only a tiny pert tit in her mouth, but her new found power and control.
Jenny’s mind is racing.

What exactly did Sky hear ? Can it be explained away as the TV set ? Will Sky reveal their secret ? What do they have to work out ? Then more thoughts, will Sky allow it to continue ? Will Sky still want Jenny ? Will Sky want to join in ? With her fingers still up her sisters cunt, Jenny can feel them getting wetter by the second.
Jenny can also feel Sky’s mouth and tongue on her tiny little tit, sucking and teasing the nipple, as well as Daddy ever does.

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Sky releases Jenny’s tit and cups one of her own, If you can’t talk just now Jenny, then suck on this, she demands.
Jenny bends as instructed and gently begins to suckle from her sisters full firm tit.

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Old man cums young girl.