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I wondered what she looked like naked these days.
The last time I had seen her in a bikini was several years ago before she had her second Britney club spear strip. child.
She had been in her late twenties and her body had been firm and sexy.

Ever since college I had thought she was very sensual in her hippie way, all Japanese pantyhose photos. natural and it fitted her personality.
Honey, I think you should turn them, said Nina What, o shit! I said and quickly flipped the lobster tails before they burned.

I have to pay attention, I thought, cant get distracted by my best friends wife.
Babe, could you give me another beer, I said and put my empty bottle in a waste basket under the grill.
There you go, give me a kiss, said Nina.

We kissed and I could taste the beer on her lips, or was it my own, I wasnt sure.
What I did know was that my cock came awake when I felt my wifes tits pressing against my naked chest.
Oh dear, someone is alive, said Nina with a smile.

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Mm, he is, but we have to wait.
We cant very well fuck here in front of Luci and Jack.
Nina laughed and went back to the steaks and tasted the marinade.

God, the onions are making me cry, I said and wiped my eyes with the back of my hand.
What do you think I am doing? I am standing right above them, said Luci.

Luci, honey, would you mind cutting them over there? Man up, and deal with it, she said and laughed.
I took my cutting board and the tomatoes and moved away from where she stood.

While I cut them my eyes caught Nina where she stood tasting the marinade.
I watched how her full lips slid over the spoon and for a second I imagined it was my cock that got the treatment instead of the spoon.

She looked so sexy in the white dress and when I had sat close to her I had seen she didnt wear a bra.
Her boobs were at least one size smaller than Lucis but they were perky with small nipples.
I guess not breastfeeding kept them that way.

Not that I minded Lucis, I loved sucking on them and hefting them in my hands, large, heavy and with big nipples.
Sometimes Nina could be a bit uptight and bitchy, but as my lawyer I loved her.
She had come through and helped me with the problems I had had with my investors.

She was a true magician when it came to the law.
Privately, she was something different.

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