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I felt her hand come to the back of my head as I clamped my mouth over her clit and sucked it into my mouth.
Brigitte rocked her hips into my face.
It felt fucking sexy and I was not sure who was pleasuring who, whether it was me sucking her or her forcing my head into her cunt.

You are so going to be covered in pussy juice, she said.
She was breathing heavily, thrusting her hips and pussy into my face.
I saw her breasts heave as she rocked her hips.

All of a sudden both of her hands were on the back of my head.
I could not move backwards or sideways.

I was clamped Gapemyhole webcans xxxx lesbion. over her pussy.
I just sucked as hard as I could.

In an instance Brigitte let out a loud guttural groan, She bucked her pussy into my face and with every forward motion she too squirted into my mouth and all over my face. Socks tied up.
Eventually she could not hold onto my head and I was released from her ministrations, but still she kept coming and like a Horny bilbao park bilbao lady for now. dog, I found myself lunging in the direction of her squirts as her pussy juices left her.

Brigittes orgasm was loud and very wet.
It was the first time with any couple that I had been covered in both spunk and pussy juice.
I rolled to one side of Brigitte and looked at Steve on the bed.
He was hard again.

His cock rigid in his hand as he pumped it to the sight of his wife cumming on my mouth.
He needs another sucking Brigitte, I said to her.
She left the sofa in a split second and walked over to the bed.

She pushed Steve back onto the bed and started to lick his cock.
She then crawled onto the bed herself.
Her knees teetering on the edge of the bed and her hands and mouth caressing Steves cock and sucking on it.

I pulled my pants down and walked over to her.
She was lucky I was there, if it had not been for me behind her, I swear she would have fallen off the edge of the bed.

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