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Do you want to go home? No, Master, I love you and the way this is making me feel even though I do not understand why.
Please, I want to keep being yours and pleasing you as it pleases me too.
Brandie, you will still be mine if we go home.
We can still have a very nice weekend.

I want to stay, Master, I want to continue, I want to experience whatever is next.
I want to please you, Sir.
I want to be your slut.
When I pledged my body to you, I meant every word of it.
The emotions and sensations I’m feeling are all new, like nothing I have ever felt before.

I really, really like the way this is making me feel.
I am curious as to what you have in mind for me this weekend.
Brandie I can assure you, you are pleasing me like no other woman ever has.

If you want to continue, then strut your slutty self around and strip for us.
Believe me, brandie, when I tell you this will please me greatly, it will.
I kissed him passionately as he holds my body tightly to his.

I grab his cock and it feels like a steel pipe.
As he breaks the kiss he says, Make me happy baby. Piss off from raging.
I step away and begin to strut around the fire in front of everyone.
Someone changed the music to a stripper genre.

As I get into the beat of the music, the guys start to whistle at me and the cat calls begin.
I hear them saying, Nice tits, let us see them all baby.
Shake that booty girl.

Hay Teach, where did you find this young, foxy slut? She is in my home room, math, and science classes.
Oh fuck, is she legal?

Yes she is, she was seventeen earlier this summer.
As I strut my stuff, I remove my vest and toss it to Horse.
The thought of my tits being clearly visible through my mostly open and sheer blouse to ten total strangers was an extremely erotic turn-on.

I turn and strut over to, and stop right in front of Wendy.
Her two guys are now watching me turning my back to them and strutting away as I unbutton the last buttons on my blouse.

I looked Teach right Marcellinha moraes justin slayer ve. in the eye with what he told me later was the most erotic and slutty look he had ever seen on any woman.
As I turn and strut back toward them, I slip my blouse off my shoulders and open it wide.

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The warm night breeze coming off of Lake Pontchartrain feels so good as it caresses my tits and erect nipples.
I’m moving my body like never before.
I feel like I am not myself anymore but that I’ve becomes some unknown person; a fucking slut.

One of the guys sitting next to Wendy has taken his cock out of his pants and is slowly stroking it.
I strut right up to him and remove my sheer blouse and place it over his head.

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