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Aarrgghh, fuck me! Natalie is thrashing around as my fingers pump her cunt faster and twist her nipples.
I lean down and bite down hard on a stiff nipple.
Her very audible moans and grunts have attracted a small group of onlookers.

Oh fuck, I am cumming! Before Natalie can regain her senses, I slip my fingers from her pussy and I straddle her face.
Suck my pussy, sweetie! I offer Natalie my sex as I put my mouth on her sex.
Our tongues move as one, swirling deeper and deeper.

Being so turned on, my orgasm explodes and sends my juices on Natalies mouth.
Right after I come, Natalies pussy juice covers my mouth.

The slurping sounds we make while licking up one anothers juices fills the air.

Collapsing next to Natalie, I lay on my back and catch my breath for a moment.
Natalie is still breathing quite hard as I sit up and continue spreading suntan lotion on her beautiful breasts and firm stomach. Dating a divorced guy with children.
When I am done, I lay on my back.

Okay Natalie, my turn.
Natalie sits up and lets out a loud gasp.

Eunice, we are being watched! The three couples are keeping their distance as the men stroke their cocks and the women finger their pussies.
Watch Natalie as the three men come.

I sit up to watch with Natalie.
The three men shoot their loads onto their toned abdomens and their hands.
They continue jerking off until their balls are drained.
The women come shortly after them and slip their fingers from their pussies.

They continue watching us as we continue watching them.
Sweetie, was that the hottest thing you ever saw? Oh God yes, Eunice.
The women then offer their fingers covered with pussy juice to their male partner.

The men eagerly lick the fingers before Sperm movie post. them, clean.
Oh honey, my juices are flowing from watching them.
So are my juices, Eunice.

Natalie and Adult webcam chat and dating. I dip our fingers in our wet honey pots and bring our fingers to our open mouths.
We lick our fingers clean as we watch the women lean down in front of their male partner.
The women lick cum from their mans abdomen and hands.

The women stand, and kiss their man.

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