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This time, though, she decided she would spend the time to get to know him and not make the same mistake.
Margaret had to wait two months before she caught a glimpse of Dan.
It was fortuitous that she was upstairs, cleaning the house.

She looked out of the window and saw Dan, naked and lying on the bed, masturbating.
He obviously didn’t realise that she had such a good view.
She crept up to her ‘fuck chair’ and sat down.

She picked Black pussy redhead. up her fairly new opera binoculars to get a better view and watched him as he stroked his cock.
She thought his cock was wonderful, a nice size.

Her hand soon invaded her knickers; her fingers playing with her pussy and clit.

She got up to fetch her favourite toy and clipped it onto the seat.
With her knickers discarded, she lifted herself onto the dildo.
She was not as covert as she normally would have been.
Obviously, Emily and Mike had made her more outgoing and less cautious over time.

Margaret stopped suddenly as she was about to impale herself onto her dildo.
Fuck! Her words were ripped from her mouth and bounced off the walls. My very hot chubby nude.
Dan was watching her.
He was standing next to the window, the curtains pulled around his manhood and he was watching her.

Margaret immediately ducked down.
She looked around the room like a trapped rabbit in a car’s headlights.
Her mind was full of excuses, What now? What now? What now? echoed around her head.

She felt that she had to do something.
He had seen her looking at him.
Fuck knows what he’s thinking, she told herself.

Margaret knew that he couldn’t have seen too much, just her upper body; she was lucky she had a dress on, but then it was mid-afternoon.
In a state of panic, she decided to go on Brother fucks his hot step sister. the defensive.
She had to make her actions look innocent.

Margaret stormed over to Dan’s house and knocked loudly on the door.
She was fired up, not from being angry, but from being caught and embarrassed.
She scolded herself for not being careful enough.

Dan answered the door in his dressing gown.
Margaret looked at him and with a flustered look on her face began her onslaught.

Wait, wait a minute Margaret, said Dan, you can’t just come around here and tell me that I should close the curtains when I want to have a wank or some special time to myself.
What were you fucking doing looking in the first place!

I was cleaning the house, I happened to look across, it’s not my fault that my window looks down on yours.
You should be more careful.
And you shouldn’t get so uptight, for fuck’s sake, just turn away, clean a different fucking room.

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